Morpho Hecuba in a nutshell:

This trio of young musicians of experimental jazz joyfully juggles with rhythms, timbres and melodies. They make us travel through multiple universes, styles and emotions. Groove of course, but also humour, energy and improvisation. The three accomplices take us wherever they want to go, from surprises to changes of scenery until the frontiers of chaos.


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Morpho Hecuba is an experimental jazz trio that transports you into a unique and captivating musical universe. This trio is distinguished by its absence of bass, which allows it to create an original and surprising sound.

The musicians of Morpho Hecuba first met at the conservatory in Paris, where they all studied. This meeting was decisive for their musical collaboration and paved the way for many opportunities to play together, refining their style and their musical complementarity.

In 2022, they came together to create a unique, rich and delicate sound. Sophisticated yet accessible, their playing is fluid and energetic, alternating between moments of intense meditation and others of pure brilliance. The trio is also very improvisational, making each performance unique!

Each member brings his or her own personal touch to their music, creating a remarkable musical alchemy. The saxophonist Oscar Bineau, uses his instrument to create bewitching textures and adds a touch of magic to each composition. The drummer Ewen Grall will captivate you with his surprising rhythms that bring depth and dynamics to the music. It grooves! The pianist Sylvain Fouché brings a poetic touch with his sensitivity, his expressiveness and his harmonies that seem to come from another world.

Their music is influenced by many musical styles, ranging from New-Orleans to contemporary jazz, traditional music and free music. This combination of styles gives their music a depth and richness that will leave listeners captivated.


Morpho Hecuba · Live au Trabendo


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19/09/23 - Sunside, Paris

©Tom Tanguy

Past concerts

• September 19th, 2023 : Sunset Sunside Jazz Club, Paris

• May 28, 2022 : Trabendo, Paris

• May 27, 2022 : Le Petit Balcon, Paris


Ewen Grall

Ewen Grall alt l


Born in Rennes in 1998, Ewen Grall is a young drummer who moves between Paris and Brussels. Having studied at the CRR de Paris, the Pôle Supérieur Paris Boulogne-Billancourt (PSPBB) and the Conservatoire Royale de Bruxelles, he has been taught by musicians such as Daniel Humair, Joe Quitzke, François Merville, Fabrice Alleman and Manuel Hermia. Playing in more than a dozen different groups in France, Belgium and the Netherlands (Nota Bene Jazz Quintet, Motto Trio, deuxstep, Standards of Livings, The Morning Call, Marin Galan Quintet…), he is also co-leader of the Morpho Hecuba Trio project.

In 2023, he is accompanied by the Royal Conservatory of The Hague to develop his projects in the Netherlands.

Sylvain Fouché

Sylvain Fouché alt l


After studying classical and jazz piano at the Conservatoire de Chambéry, Sylvain Fouché graduated from the Pôle Supérieur de Paris. Benefiting from the teaching of Bojan Z and Émil Spanyi, he is involved in a wide variety of aesthetics without musical barriers, perfecting his skills in jazz, progressive rock and ballroom music. He composes and performs with the groups Petite Lucette, Manon Werner Band and Hazard.

In addition, Sylvain discovered a passion for improvised music when he met Bernard Lubat, during a training course and then at a festival in Uzeste. The idea of being able to express himself freely, the search for a sound and a way of playing that are his own, led him to spend several months in Aarhus, Denmark.

Oscar Bineau

Oscar Bineau alt l


Born in the southern suburbs of Paris, Oscar Bineau graduated from the CRR de Paris in 2019. He takes part in the Osefh Quintet project alongside his father Edouard Bineau, Sébastien Texier, François Constantin and Henri Dorina, with whom he records the album Secret World, released in February 2020, and performs on various stages in Ile de France (Duc des Lombards, the Sunset, Baisé salé, the barge Le Marcounet, the Au Sud du Nord festival…). In October 2020, spurred on by an interest in improvised, contemporary and free jazz, he moved to Germany for two years to pursue his studies at the Jazz-Institut of Berlin. On his return to France at the end of 2022, he took part in two new projects: Morpho Hecuba (with Ewen Grall and Sylvain Fouché) and his brother’s Plümf (with Simon Bineau, Clément Smadja and Robin Cabaret).